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LCW Consulting Ltd offers honest, affordable and exceptional medical education solutions. After five years' experience as Managing Director and CEO of the OmniaMed Group, Lucy recognised the need to present clients with a specific boutique offering for medical education initiatives. LCW works closely with each client to build bespoke campaigns tailored to their individual needs.

What do our speakers say about us?

We work in close partnership with each of our speakers and, as a result, their feedback is always very positive.




LCW Consulting Ltd offers a bespoke programme, built entirely in-house, allowing us to bring the expertise directly to you.
By cutting out the expensive agency fees, we can offer cost effective solutions that never compromise on quality.

”we bring the expertise to your party“

Live events

We apply experience and understanding to achieving delegate numbers. LCW has developed their own dedicated database to support delegate recruitment. For each new campaign we build a bespoke and individual website to ensure that both the delegate and clients’ needs are met. Our database includes specific functions to ensure delegates receive all the information they need both prior and post event. We also provide post-event services such as follow-up, Continuing Professional Development certification and invitations to any future events. We understand new GDPR regulations and are able to advise clients accordingly.

As the learning styles of HCPs change, we provide a fully digital offering that comprises sponsored webinars, online courses and talking head style learning bites.

Digital events

Marketing and registration

We use a standard multi-channel marketing process via the following methods:

  • Your own target list to ensure we attract the right target customer to any live event
  • We work with Binley’s and IMS to boost your campaign marketing
  • Where possible we use the LCW Med database to enhance your campaign by helping to identify any additional target customers

Most importantly we understand what works and what doesn’t! We keep it honest, knowing that often the biggest rate-limiting factor with meeting campaigns comes down to lack of time.

We have over ten years' experience working with a vast number of KOL networks in many specialised areas. We develop personal relationships with our speaking faculty to guarantee a ‘truly professional’ experience. We work with a range of high profile medical advisors and writers to ensure that our content is the latest evidence-based content, is fully referenced and ABPI compliant.

Quality content

Speaker management

Revalidation and Continuing Professional Development is at the forefront of our minds for a well-attended series of events. We aim to accredit all of our meetings with CPD points from the Royal College of Physicians and Royal College of General Practitioners.

LCW is proud to be the secretariat to the ever-growing PCCS who represent the cardiovascular health needs of primary care. As part of the secretariat we oversee the memberships for the society, as well as organising all their educational programmes. For further information about the PCCS please visit their website www.pccsuk.org

Primary Care Cardiovascular Society



We are a highly experienced team of dedicated professionals who are committed throughout the duration and completion of a project. We work collaboratively, from start to finish, to ensure that each and every project is given close personal attention and that the end result is a successful one.

Lucy Williams

Managing Director

Those that know Lucy will know that personal drive, ambition, dedication and hard work have always been at the heart of all she has strived to achieve.

As a single parent who built a career that started in medical sales and culminated in CEO of the OmniaMed Group, she feels she has the necessary experience and attributes to pass on to others at both organisational and personal level. Even in her personal life Lucy’s strive for achievement is equally evident, in the past she has represented GB with the age group Duathlon team and now spends her spare time road racing and cycling.

Claire brings vast experience to the LCW Consulting Ltd team as Event Director. Previously part of the UK management team responsible for running the day-to-day business for OmniaMed UK, Lucy and Claire go back a long way and work hand in hand to deliver project excellence. Claire brings previous experience across a wide range of UK and international conferences and exhibitions from both Reed Elsevier and OmniaMed. Her roles have included Head of Marketing, Event Director and Chief Operating Officer, giving her an all-round knowledge of what is needed from all aspects to ensure a successful project.

Claire Tutton

Operations Director

Kelly Farley

Project Director

Kelly Farley joins our ever-growing LCW team as Project Director assisting in all aspects of both content and event management. Kelly has a wealth of experience within medical education, working at senior level for a number of years at OmniaMed where Claire and Lucy got to see what an asset to the team she was. Kelly brings a creative and unique viewpoint to the LCW office with her diverse experience outside of pharma where she constantly challenges us to ‘think outside the box’.

Paula Middelton

Scientific Director

Daisy Caig

Project Executive

Daisy joins the team most recently, bringing fresh energy, efficiency and style to our office! Daisy already had administrative and event experience and has quickly taken over running the registration process for us pre-event, as well as being an invaluable support with pre-event organisation.

Molly has a PhD and post-doctoral experience in Neurobiology and editorial experience in scientific publishing. She has spent the last five years focusing on medical writing, supporting the development of both live and online medical education programmes in a broad range of therapeutic areas including diabetes, cardiology, respiratory disease, renal disease and cancer.

Molly Rimmer

Senior Medical Writer

Harrie Kerr

Medical Writer

 Harrie completed her PhD in Neurophysiology, with a focus on epilepsy, so she has an acute understanding of the underpinning biology and pathology of epilepsy (including some rare epilepsies) and other neurological diseases. She also briefly lectured on hearing during her postdoc, so has a reasonable understanding of the ear and rare diseases associated with that. Harrie also sat on the rare diseases implementation group for the Welsh Government, and wrote the Welsh Government’s strategy for genomics (which included rare diseases). Harrie is involved in all aspects of medical writing for LCW and is fully familiar with Veeva PromoMats.

Christine joined the LCW team in 2017 and manages the office day to day, supporting around finance, speaker contracting and all admin functions. Christine joined us as a hard-working manager with a background in service delivery. A 'Completer Finisher' with a keen eye for detail, excellent organisation and communication skills, Christine thrives on a varied and interesting workload. In particular, Christine managed one of the largest GP practices in Sussex which makes her invaluable to LCW.

Christine Stuckle

Finance Manager

Louise Stevenson

Office Manager

Lousie joined us to oversee the registration process for delegates and more recently supports around project management. Louise has had a variety of senior marketing and communication roles and brings intelligence, diplomacy and understanding to the project management role.

Helen Makris

Registrations Executive

Honest. Bespoke. Dedicated.

LCW offers a bespoke programme built entirely in-house allowing us to bring the expertise directly to you. By cutting out the expensive agency fees we can offer cost-effective solutions that never compromise on quality.

With over 40 years' combined medical and event experience, we recognise the need to offer our clients a personal service that is built on trust and delivery excellence.